Frequently Asked Questions

Data Security & Privacy

Where Do You Get Your Data From?

NIPOST AVS get the data from our field workforce and the NIPOST National Address database.

Do You Sell My Information Or My Candidate’s Data?

No, we do not sell any information about you or your candidates to anyone.

How about International Checks?

Contact the NIPOST commercial team through the contact page.

How Long Is The Certified Address Valid?

NIPOST certified address is only valid for 3 months due to the high mobility of individuals.

How Secure Is Your Cloud-Based Solution?

Numerous studies have established that data stored in the cloud is less likely to be lost, deleted or leaked than data stored on a personal computer. NIPOST AVS maintains bank-grade security using 256-bit SSL encryption. All our data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, and we employ state-of-the-art firewall and back-up technology. All our data is continuously backed up in several high security access-controlled data centres in different locations.

Isn’t This An Invasion Of Privacy?

We never carry out any checks without the candidate’s consent. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information.

How Long Is The Candidate’s Data Held?

As long as a candidate gives us their consent, their data is held until the candidate or their employer requests for it to be deleted.

Our Checks

Do You Visit The Address?

Yes. We visit every address and confirm that the candidate is available at the address.

How Do You Ensure That Your Agent Visit The Address?

Apart from being a professional organisation, NIPOST’s quality assurance system ensure that only verification report from the address are considered valid and we provide pictorial and geolocation evidence to the customer as proof.

If I’m Employing Someone, When Should I Carry Out A Check?

You should always carry out at least a physical address verification on a candidate before they start work, and tell the candidate that the offer of employment is dependent on a completed check. This way, you can ensure that undesirable candidates (i.e. those who have something to hide) will have an encouragement to complete the check before they can start work. You may wish to subsequently withdraw the offer of employment based on the results of the check.

Can I Carry Out A Check On Someone Without Them Knowing?

You cannot legally access personal information about an individual without first obtaining their permission. You must first collect the consent of the individual and accept our terms and condition before running checks on them with NIPOST AVS. Take a look at our Privacy Policy.

How Long Do Each Address Verification Take To Be Completed?

We aim to complete every physical national address verification within 48 hours of completing your order.

Accounts & Billing

How Do You Charge?

We have flexible charging options. For more information, please contact the NIPOST commercial team through the contact page.

What Are My Payment Options?

Payment can be done with any valid Bank Card, or Bank Transfer, or mCash USSD Payment.

I Am An Organisation And I Want To Issue A Cheque?

Contact NIPOST commercial team through the contact page.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes: with NIPOST AVS, you receive discounts depending on the volume of checks. Please contact the NIPOST commercial team through the contact page

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