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Instant Validation

An average of 60% of addresses contain errors. These range from spelling mistakes, incorrect street extensions. And because knowing your customer is crucial, we make the process easy, simple and reliable.

Simple and easy-to-use

Businesses need a reliable and effective verification system to verify customer data. Using AVS, the system improves integrity of customer data collected and does away with mistakes in addresses.

Third party integration

You can easily verify any address by plugging into our API. It will work with your existing web form to provide information and responses back to the user.

NIMC and NIN instant Validation

Our system is plugged and instantly validates data from both NIMC and NIN records to confirm the authenticity of identity cards and if it actually belongs to the said user using our facial recognition technology.

True identity build trust

Data security and system integrity is at the heart of every financial and KYC transaction. AVS having recognized that, was built on a highly secure and reliable platform that easily connects to your service or product to verify customers addresses and identities and lets you accurately and seamlessly know and trust your customers.

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